Payment Details

Bank Details

Swift Code: BOTKJPJT
BOTKJPJTXXX (if 11 digits required)
Bank Name: MUFG Bank Ltd
Bank Head Office Address: 2-7-1 MARUNOUCHI CHIYODA-KU TOKYO 100-8388 JAPAN
Branch Number: 143
Account Number: 0049431
Account Name: SMILE JV
Smile JV's address: 1-30-28 SAKURAGAOKA, SEIKA, SORAKU-GUN, KYOTO, JAPAN. 619-0232
Intermediary Bank Details (If your bank requires)

JP Morgan Chase Bank. NA. New York Branch (HO). 270 Park Ave. New York, NY 10017. SWIFT Code: CHASUS33

Japanese Bank Details
(For Wise payments under JPY 1 mil)

Account Name: (Katakana) ゴウドウガイシャスマイルジェーヴィー
Bank Name: (Kanji)
(Katakana [code])
ミツビシユーエフジエイ [0005]
Branch Name: (Kanji)
(Katakana [code])
四貫島 支店
シカンジマ [143]
Branch Number: 143
Account Number: 0049431
Account Type: 普通 (Futsuu)

PayPal Payments

PayPal is the fastest way to activate your account for bidding. The minimum deposit required is 150,000 yen or 15% of your maximum bid amount.

PayPal charges 4.1% + 40 yen so for a transfer of 150,000 yen they will deduct 6,190 yen from your payment. For this amount, it's similar to international bank transfers when all costs are considered

Payments via PayPal are for the agency services we provide to you (website access, translations and inspection services). Final payments for vehicles are only permitted via bank transfer.