How it works?

How to buy from Japanese car auctions

Take a look as we take you inside the auction site and show you how to buy from Japanese car auctions with Smile JV

We are a Japanese registered company, members of the Osaka Chambers of Commerce and hold direct membership with the major auction houses in Japan.

With 10 years’ experience at sourcing quality vehicles we have surrounded ourselves with reputable partners to ensure the car export process is as smooth as possible.


Register online for access to the Japanese Auction System. No obligations or payments required. You test out the system.


Search auctions to see what cars are available and work our market prices. You can then calculate your total budget to see if it will work for you.


Make a security deposit before bidding, and it's refundable if you don't buy a car. We will then do translations of auction report and inspect vehicles for you.


You place bids your maximum bid on cars that you like. You will only pay the winning amount, not your maximum bid. We're happy to show you invoices!


We attend the auction in person, check that the car is as described in the earlier auction house report, and send you high-quality photos.


We invoice you based on the raw bid amount, our buying fee, inland transport, shipping and insurance. You only pay the winning bid amount, no additional taxes or auction fees!


We ship your car to the port nearest to you and provide documents (Invoice, Bill of Lading, Export Certificate and inspection certificates, for some countries if required).