The Genuine Export Company

An Enthusiast

We are car ethusiasts too. We have a passion for cars (and motocycles) and this helps provide the right vehicle for you.


We value your time! If you take the time to contact us, we promise to respond quickly and sincerely!


You will pay the actual auction price, and we are happy to show you the original invoice! When we inspect a car, we will tell you how it is. We want you to come back!

Japan Based

We are on the ground in Japan and at the auctions! We are a Japanese registered company and a licensed dealer of used cars and motorcycles, based in Osaka, Japan.


With 10 years’ experience we have surrounded ourselves with reputable partners to ensure the car export process is as smooth as possible.


We are members of the Osaka Chambers of Commerce and hold direct membership with the major auction houses in Japan.

Brendan Gee

Owner of Smile JV

Thank you for your interest in my business, and I'm' pleased you have decided to find out a little bit more about us!

My name is Brendan Gee, and I'm originally from Sydney, Australia. In 2008 I packed my bags to see the world with a final stop in my wife's home country, Japan. Time sure does fly when you are having fun as here, we are, with business still thriving a decade later.

While I am a professional exporter of used cars and motorbikes from Japan, I also consider myself a motoring enthusiast with many on-going restoration projects. In many ways, I view my work as a craft, and a like to treat each car with the respect it deserves. A lot of the satisfaction comes from offering my clients as much joy as I would expect, from a newly owned vehicle.

Thank you again for considering us as a genuine supplier, and I look forward to helping you source quality used vehicles from Japan.

Best regards, Brendan

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