Fair Go Policy

Fair Go Policy

Our aim is to offer the highest service and the lowest price and to help us continue to do this we kindly ask that our clients be mindful.

We have not set strict limits things like the number of translations, bids placed, and inspection requests, however, it is only fair for everyone to have an idea about what is normal and reasonable.

Below is the normal number of requests an experienced buyer would do for each car purchased:

20 translation requests
10 bids placed
5 inspection requests

These are typical numbers for a client who likes to have cars inspected at auction. Some of our clients have different bidding styles depending on their markets and the type of cars they are buying. For example, they may be buying every-day consumer use cars and do not need us to check the car at auction. This type of buying style sometimes invovles more bids than clients who are buying rarer, classic and collectable cars.

Here are some things to be mindful about:

  • Each translation request requires a human, who is bilingual (It's not a machine doing the translation).
  • Each bid placed requires a human to sit in front of a computer and wait for your bid to come along, or in some situaions, we need to pay per bid.
  • Proper inspections take time and experience, and travelling across Japan each week is a costly operation (and very few exporters do this).

If we were to have a lot of unnecessary inspection requests, there is a risk that the inspection quality decreases and this is not a situation that we would like to be in.

So, in order to keep our service level high, we do hope that our clients will be fair and reasonable. Please help us keep prices down and the service level high!